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I noticed players debriefing after the game, talking about what worked, what didn’t, and how things were in “real life.” With all due respect to the brilliant artists of the museum hall, I would be hard-pressed to configure a means by which a painting or sculpture could accommodate such reflexivity.

– Sarah Brin - http://brintendo.tumblr.com/

Gentrification at Come Out and Play 2010 was so much fun! Really tight monopoly-like game design around buying and improving local properties was tied effortlessly with RIDICULOUS antics like fake petitions and flower-distributing, culminating with a completely wonderfully bombastic parade. I can’t wait to see what Atmosphere Industries does next!

– Gabe Smedresman - http://www.smedresmania.com/

At each level of the game, Gentrification presented a new community dilemma regarding property (zoning, sprawl, public art, etc.). By integrating real-life interaction with local residents, a mini-community was fostered during the game itself.

– Meghan Warby