About Us

Founded in 2007, Atmosphere Industries is an award-winning, non-profit game design organisation based in Toronto, Canada and Fremantle, Australia. We create unusual, boundary pushing games that combine high and low technology with the physical world to excite, inform and engage. We also run workshops and community events to help individuals, educators, communities, non-profits, universities and governments use games for placemaking and community engagement, well being, and education.

We have created a wide variety of unusual games for a wide variety of contexts, including Perth, Australia’s first pervasive game in 2007, Ghost Town, a Bluetooth-based interactive narrative/scavenger hunt and a GPS-enabled game of cat and mouse that was played in New York’s Times Square and as part of Indiecade 2010. Our critically-acclaimed Gentrification: The Game won Best Use of Tech and Best of Fest 2010 at Come Out and Play in New York and was selected for TIFF’s Sprockets 2010 in Toronto. In 2011, we collaborated with Ryerson University’s EDGE Lab on an action research project where we co-created a privacy literacy game with a group of Canadian children. The project was funded by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada‘s Contributions Program. Our games have been played at festivals around the world, including San Francisco, Toronto, London (UK), Los Angeles, New York, Berlin and Perth (Australia).

Dr. Kate Raynes-Goldie, Co-Founder (Australia/Canada), is a game designer, educator and researcher, particularly interested in the possibilities and challenges of all things phygital (where the physical meets the digital) particularly with respect to community, wellness and education. Kate is currently the Director of Interactive Programs at FTI and a Research Associate at Curtin University’s Centre for Sport and Recreation Research. She has presented her work at a variety of international conferences and events, including SXSW, NXNE and TEDxPerth.

David Fono, Co-Founder (Canada), is a 5000 year old robot is a pervasive gaming guru who combines his mad tech skills with his creative abilities to produce compelling game experiences. He has an MSc in human-computer interaction at University of Toronto. As an academic, David published several papers on the relationship between people and technology, while working at Microsoft Research, and the Human Media Lab at Queen’s University. Several years ago, he became enamoured with pervasive games, and has delivered a number of talks and seminars on the topic to Australian organizations such as AWIA, ECU, and ICTWA.


Alex Raynes-Goldie (Australia), is a graduate architect, researcher and a sustainable/conscious living enthusiast. She joined Atmosphere Industries in 2008 as a visual designer and in 2010 was part of the Gentrification: The Game! design team.

Luke Walker (Canada) has a background in teaching instructional design and technology and is passionate about education and games. Luke joined Atmosphere Industries in 2010 and helped to create Gentrification: The Game!