Space Trek: The New Generation premiering at Fresh Air 2014

Space-trek-logo_web Since late last year we’ve been secretly working on a top secret new pervasive game that experiments with technology supported structured improv. We’re now pleased to announce that Space Trek: The New Generation – S8E02: Time Travel Hijinx will be premiering at the Fresh Air 2014 in Melbourne on March 8th and 9th. Even more exciting is that we’re one of the festival headliners!

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Space Trek: The New Generation – S8E02: Time Travel Hijinx


G, as portrayed by Brendan Ellis in the Fremantle, WA playtest. Photo: Rachael West

Seek out strangely familiar life and go where nobody really ought to go in a game that’s half improv, half scavenger hunt and half choose-your-own-adventure. Don the uniform, pick up your iTricorder and become your favourite character — Puucard, Rimer, Info, Georgie, Whiney, Wort, Dr. Smusher and Troy — then join the rest of the crew on a mission to the universe in the year 2014.  

G, an omnipotent but mischievous alien with substance abuse problems, has beamed the entire bridge crew to Earth 2014 to deal with a time vortex that he created when he, on a drunken rampage the night before, accidentally ripped a hole in the space-time continuum. The vortex is not only threatening to destroy the entire universe, but has erased everyone’s memories. Making matters worse, G has also accidentally replaced half of the crew with an evil mirror from a parallel universe. The crew must work together (or against each other) to figure out who they are, who the evil mirrors are, and of course save everyone from certain destruction.  

Drawing on the surreal, hilarious and bizarre world of The Next Generation re-edits, Space Trek: The New Generation is an experiment in structured improv and interactive, immersive storytelling. As two teams scramble to save Earth by completing missions around the city streets, each players’ phone (aka iTricorders) individually provides them with playful prompts about their behaviours and relationships, secretly chosen by other players.

Generously supported by FTI

Special Thanks
Brendan Ellis
Rachael West
Glen Spoors

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